How Up System works?

  • The Sky Up System is placed at the “Point” this organizes your sales crew and ensures their is no need for your salespeople to hover in front of the dealership.
  • Now that you have dedicated a few people to the point breitling replica watches you have “freed up” the brains of 10 other salespeople to do something other than wait for a fresh up.
  • Now that the people on point realize that this is their opportunity they will, “love the one they are with” and make the most of it.
  • Salespeople will know when they are up, the Sky Up System will automatically send a text as they move through rotation, as well as seeing their position on their phone.
  • The Sky Up System includes a messaging system, that with a click of a mouse your reception, sales managers, and finance can text salespeople for guests, done in F&I, sales desk, or can be used for any purpose.
  • The Sky Up System package includes iPhone, Android and Windows phone apps. These apps will deliver push notifications and allows team members to view their position on the Sky Up System.
    • The way a consumer shops is changing, is the culture of your dealership changing as well.
    • The Sky Up System will sell you more units, when a salesperson knows they are being tracked they will stretch for a demo, a write up and a close.
    • Your salespeople will have more time to do follow up, tag heuer replica their product knowledge, and find creative ways of networking their business.
    • Your sales managers will have more opportunity at the desk, and have better control over their salespeople.
    • Your image as a dealership, and your C.S.I. will improve, and you will sell more units.

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